Testimonials & Examples

We not only do genealogy books, we design, print, and/or publish a wide variety of different types of books.

Thanks to each of these family historians and authors for giving us the opportunity to work with you on your important book project.  We are honored to have been a part of your genealogy book publishing journey.

Here are a few examples of genealogy and family history books we have designed and published, with comments by the authors.

By Cheryl F. Jensen
Hardcover, leatherette with gold foil stamping
320 pages
Finished Size 8.5 x 11

Author Comments: After twenty five years of research I was ready to compile the story of my Irish ancestors. I envisioned a printed book and wrote stories about family members, scanned photographs and documents, and set out to put together my book. After attempting to layout the book myself, I could see that I needed help, but answers I found online were inconsistent; local printers would print whatever I gave them, misspellings and all; and I received impersonal email responses from several publishers.

Finally, I went online to find a publisher who would communicate with me one on one, give me assistance through the process, and publish my book. I found Sheila of Etcetera Publishing. I received a prompt response from Sheila with information on what I needed to do and what she would need to design and publish my book. She also offered light editing to catch the inevitable misspellings and typos.

I am a landscape architect by profession, a designer. I know and value the visual aspects of a project. I wanted my book to not only hold the story of my family, but be visually appealing with a professional appearance. Sheila provided everything I was looking for in a publisher. Working with Sheila over several months was a wonderful experience. I found her knowledgeable and professional. Her artistic talents can be seen throughout my book in the fonts she suggested, the layout of the documents and photographs, and the beautiful title page she designed. I highly recommend Sheila to design and publish your genealogy book.

By Susan E. Kearney
Hardcover, leatherette with gold foil stamping
400 pages
Finished Size 8.5 x 11

Author Comments: After 35 years of research, hard work and substantial financial outlay, the book feature of a popular genealogical program let me down. Fear that I would never hold the genealogy book I had envisioned sent me surfing the Internet. I believe in Fate; Fate led me to Sheila. After a lengthy conversation, my heart sank. “You have to rebuild your work outside the program; you will never get what you want from the program,” she said. But then she added, “I will be here to see you through.”

Sheila is a preeminent professional! Without her support, knowledge, patience, and persistence, my vision would never have been realized. I never thought someone could be more of a perfectionist than I am. Sheila enhanced every photo, often improving on the original. Her eye for detail and design produced a book where all the components from type selection, page layout, photo placement, and cover choices flowed seamlessly.

Sheila was true to her word: she saw me through. Even when the task felt insurmountable, I never feared she would let me down. When I transported 35 copies of a 400-page hardbound book to England for a family reunion, I knew that I was presenting my family with the best I could offer them: I was presenting a book published by Etcetera Publishing.

By Lisa Fadely Reising
200 pages
Finished Size 6 x 9

Author Comments: After writing my grandmother’s story, I needed to find the right way to publish it for my family, and Etcetera Publishing was exactly the right fit.

Sheila kindly guided me through the process, was attentive to my every desire and suggestion, and crafted a beautiful product I am so proud of. Attention to detail was impressive, as was the aesthetic appeal of font and form. It exceeded my vision in every way.  It was as if this was the only project that mattered to them — they even rushed a proof copy for me to have in time for my family reunion! Everyone was so excited to see it and it made my Dad cry. I am very grateful to Sheila and Etcetera Publishing, and I’m already planning my next book.

By Barbara Chandler
Hardcover with dust jacket
508 pages
Finished Size 6 x 9

Author Comments: Sheila took the raw copy of the family history book I had worked on for twenty-nine years and transformed it into a source of pride and joy to my family.

Her suggestions and art work were incredible.  She was not only knowledgeable and professional, but also caring and concerned for my feelings as a writer.

The final product was a labor of love to which my family overwhelmingly responded.  They now have a book detailing their history that will always be a treasure.  I recommend her and her work without reservation.

By Karen Spencer
148 pages
Finished Size 8.5 x 11

Author Comments:  I had been printing genealogy books for years for my relatives, and usually going to the print shop and having copies made.  This time the print shop was way too much to be affordable.  I then thought I would check and see about getting it published.  I contacted three companies, and Sheila of Etcetera Publishing/GenealogyBookPublisher.com was the only one who replied.  She offered a quote that was right in the range of my budget, and everyone else’s budget who would be buying the books.

Since I had never published before, I had endless questions and Sheila answered them patiently, thus calming my fears that I was doing the right thing.  Then she got to work on my genealogy book.

The book cover design alone made me so pleased, and the interior was awesome.  Sheila is someone who you want behind you when you publish a book.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a book published.  I will definitely use her again should I publish another genealogy book.

By J. L. Dickson
232 pages
Finished Size 8.5 x 11

Author Comments:  GenealogyBookPublisher.com has worked with me on two books now.  The folks there have been the best!  Client Services are second to none, and the process is simple and professional.

They have a passion for this like no other.  I highly recommend Etcetera Publishing to anyone wanting to do a book of any kind … anything from a cook book to well-documented genealogical family history.

I wish also to thank them for all the hard work on the books their office has done for me.

By Kathy Ballard
216 pages
Finished Size 6 x 9

Author Comments:  I had compiled a book of histories of my mother and grandmothers along my matriarchal line to give to my daughters along with a pictures of these women, 6 generations back.  It was a very small project in terms of numbers, but I wanted the finished project to be nice for them and eventually for any granddaughters.

I sent out queries to a handful of companies and heard back from two.  When I heard back from Sheila at Etcetera Publishing I was sure that she could not help me because the number of books I wanted to do was too low and her turnaround time seemed too long.  However, she contacted me again and we were able to make everything work, even with a rush job at Christmas time.

The other company that responded was more expensive and required a significantly higher number of printed books, which I was not interested in doing.  Sheila was great to work with.  We were able to do all but the final proof through email and her ideas and expertise helped to create a wonderful book that I was proud to give to my daughters.